Today our smart applications empower schools, universities, and organizations with tools for the digital future of learning.

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We simplify even complex knowledge — making learners more productive, motivated, and always connected to the information.

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Using mobile technology to transform learning

We are an education technology company developing mobilized knowledge management and learning solutions for schools and companies. Our mobile platform allows educators, trainers, marketers, and activists to monitor, steer, and control learning and knowledge flows in real time. It lets learners take advantage of bite-sized content and interact in fun and dynamic ways.

21st century learning environment

Today’s learners — regardless of age and location — are bombarded with information and never seem to have the time to consume it all. Quizzbizz creates an easy access to relevant and practical learning that is available at the moment of need and lets learners do more with less.

Limited attention span

Learners are constantly consuming information and most of them will not watch videos longer than four minutes.

Mobile first, mobile last

Today's learners are are always connected socially through technology. The average person checks their phone 150 times a day.

At the moment of need

Learners want the information they need, at the moment they need it, on their favorite devices, and around the clock.

Continuous micro learning

Learners expect to do more with less. Focusing just one percent or 24 minutes a week on learning can be enough.


Make more out of learning

We found out that micro learning, or small frequent chunks of learning content, is the most effective way to really engage learners. Uniquizz uses micro learning in combination with friendly social competition and interactive learning material — making learners self-motivated to learn.

Our story

We believe that mobile technology and digitization of knowledge can elevate learning and move us closer to a world, where learning is fun, accessible everywhere, and available to everyone on their favourable device.

Quizzbizz was founded as a project initiated by students and knowledge management experts at Bangkok University to battle the traditional learning styles. We established a home base in Hong Kong to develop the first mobile application prototypes and prove the concept of gamified microlearning.

Together with our partners in information technology, knowledge management, and innovation — we created and tested a personalized knowledge sharing and learning ecosystem which was named Uniquizz.

In the beginning of 2017 our team of education developers initiated co-creation and lean discovery projects, and with the revenues created in the projects, we covered our operational expenses and were able to further invest in improvement of the products and services.

In October 2017, we opened our office in Thailand, and since then we have formed strategic alliances with companies and academic institutions in Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia. As of today, Quizzbizz has developed close partnerships with the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia (IKI-SEA) at Bangkok University, TRIS Corp Management Consulting Thailand, Knowledge Connections and Spectre Synergies in Malaysia and Edin Learn in Hong Kong to distribute collaborative mobile knowledge sharing and micro learning in education and corporate training.

End of 2018 we started with a project for UNEP, EU-Switchasia and Chula Longkorn University to co-create the first fully mobile blended learning platform on Circular Economy and will continue with activities in this sector in 2019.

Idea created in university
Quizzbizz founded in Hong Kong
First prototypes in education / business
Development started in the Philippines
First partners in co-creation projects
Uniquizz Thailand founded
Partnerships in Indonesia and Malaysia

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