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  • Engaged Employees
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Knowledge is Power

Smart Mobile Learning is the Powergrid 

In today’s fast-changing world, Knowledge and organizational learning are the sources of competitive advantage. Your people, your processes and the technology you use will make a difference. Our Smart Mobile Learning technology can help to increase the engagement and knowledge of your people which leads to better service and more revenues. This all comes with significant cost savings and analytics to measure your training success. 

Smart Mobile Learning

Smart Mobile Learning is designed to distribute knowledge within your community or organization to achieve maximum performance. Like the power we use in our homes that is delivered using advanced technological concepts to secure security and supply, Smart Mobile learning is designed to save costs by training people faster and better.

With gamification, personalization, and incentives we engage users and capture their attention. You manage to learn analytics in real-time and break your complex product and service knowledge into small simplified and easy to understand bites addressing individual knowledge gaps without losing any meaning.


One Concept.

Different Solutions.

Smart Mobile Learning combines traditional training methods with emerging technologies like learning analytics, adaptive microlearning, artificial intelligence (AI), instructional design and other sciences to engage learners with personalized, customized and gamified knowledge that can be used to transfer all kinds of knowledge.

Everybody with a smartphone can the target audience and it doesn’t matter whether you transfer product knowledge to your front-line employees, you engage students on sustainability matters in environmental education, or whether you smoothen digital transformation and, the qualification of your workforce. QUIZZBIZZ concepts address the learning needs of today's people, especially “busy professionals” always “on the go”.

Improved Performance

More Sales

Better Training

Your Knowledge

Madeleine Recknagel, Sustainability Consultant

The Quizzbizz application is a great solution to not only raise awareness about environmental issues, but also as a tool to engage the audience by making the connection between their actions and their impact on the environment

Vincent Ribiere, IKI-SEA Bangkok University

”We are using Quizzbizz in our Master in Business Innovation program for blended learning. It is a highly effective, adaptive and entertaining way for students to learn anytime and anywhere, and allows to connect all our learning materials together.”

Stefan Monz, Dr. Beckmann / Delta Pronatura

”Quizzbizz developed for our household cleaning brand the perfect tool to access and train third party sales people, merchandisers, and in-store demo ladies in remote locations. We boosted sales through better trained front end people and saved money on costly and inefficient sales conventions.”

Dr. Arthur Shelley,Intelligent Answers & RMIT Melbourne

” I love what Quizzbizz does with education, they are turning it all around. They are doing a flipped classroom and they are asking the students questions before they come into class. It’s getting them to think and explore — not just discover what is already in existence. ”

Our customized solutions empower corporate training on risk management, innovation and corporate government, help restaurant chains to improve hygienic standards and boost sales.

We take feedback seriously and we are glad that users respond positively to our edutaining and learner-centric solutions.


User Feedback

"An excellent learning tool!"
"I will use  QUIZZBIZZZ frequently"
'I will recommend to others'

Our Technology


Knowledge is today key to gain a competitive advantage.  Our technology helps to distribute this knowledge in your organization and engage people with efficient gamified mobile training.


Uniquizz is an adaptive mobile learning platform that proves that your training works. Your employees learn faster, remember more and perform better using interactive and personalized training methods.


We develop your mobile learning ecosystem based on your particular needs and requirements in lean co-creation processes that will allow you to bring your knowledge to your audience with measurable success.

The formula is simple:


Knowledgeable People







The components:

  • Bite-sized personalized training

  • Quiz-based knowledge assessments, analytics and data

  • Engaging mix of learning and fun

  • Notifications and leaning reminders

  • A Training Dashboard that gives you full control of the content and learning performance of your staff

Improve the efficiency of your traditional training and help trainers with analytics and standardized concepts to achieve excellent results with measurable success.

Mobile-Friendly Course Material

Quiz-based Assessment

Training While Being Entertained

Backend Analytics


Restaurant Chain: Smart mobile technology to sustain and develop on the job.

48% increase in learning
100.000 questions played
Service quality and sales improved

Management Consulting: Thailand’s leading consulting company transfer corporate training on innovation and knowledge management to Smart Mobile Learning

Master digital transition
Onboarding and assessment
Improved collaboration

Mobilizing vocational education:  Bringing gamified smart mobile learning to the classroom.

10,000+ Students

Asian Circular Economy Leadership Academy: Supporting Environmental and Sustainability Training 

Partnership for SDG’s
Complement Environmental education
Circular economy knowledge base

About Us

We are developing mobilized knowledge management and smart mobile learning solutions for schools and companies. Our mobile platforms allow educators, trainers and supevisors to monitor, steer, and control learning and awareness-building, design gamified environments and engage people with bite-sized interactive content.

QUIZZBIZZ was founded by students and knowledge management experts at Bangkok University to battle traditional learning styles. 

We have formed strategic alliances and partnerships with companies and academic institutions in Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia and introduce Smart Mobile Learning in education and corporate training in Asia.

As our team is passionate about our environment and our society and we are proud to work on impactful projects related to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) together with UN-Organizations, NGO's, universities and businesses. 


We aim to become the leading smart mobile knowledge management and training platform in South-East Asia. 

Our goal is simple and bold: We're here to provide the right knowledge, in the right format to the right people using user-centric smart mobile learning solutions, personalized buyer support and specific consulting knowledge.

Passionate Smart Mobile Learning Specialists




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