December 1, 2018

Quizzbizz partners with EdinLearn

HONG KONG — Quizzbizz is proud to announce a strategic partnership with EdinLearn, a company that puts learning at the heart of your business strategy. From an initial meeting at Hong Kong’s Knowledge Management Society, the two companies have signed a strategic partnership to collaborate on the deployment of mobile knowledge management and training systems.

EdinLearn’s General Manager, Andrew Lupton is a Corporate Learning Specialist, and Facilitator with over 20 years’ experience in architecting Learning Technology Solutions, designing Digital Content and delivering Blended Learning solutions. EdinLearn deliver enterprise learning solutions for Finance, Retail and Government clients. Andrew stated “This strategic alliance is aligned to our vision of offering the latest innovative solutions to our clients. Quizzbizz is a flexible and highly engaging mobile learning platform which makes staff more productive, motivated and always connected to the information they require at the point of need.”

Quizzbizz welcomes Andrew and his team at EdinLearn. We look forward to learn and work together to introduce the advantages of multilingual gamified mobile training solutions to Hong Kong corporates.