June 30, 2018

Teachers join together to create exam content

Bangkok, Thailand — Uniquizz Thailand invited a group of teachers coming as far away as Chiang Mai to a workshop to create exam content for schools in Thailand. 12 teachers and tutors experts in science, mathematics, and languages joined the event at the office of our partner, TRIS Corporation. Everyone was eager to learn more about how engaging and gamified technology can elevate the level of education and prepare students for their national exams.

Students take the Ordinary National Educational Tests, or O-NETs, three times during their life and more than one million exams are taken every year. Uniquizz strives to raise the level of the exams where students score under 50 percent on average nationally. The workshop is only the beginning for generating customized exam preparation content and we aim to provide more than 1,000 questions in all O-NET subjects: science, mathematics, social studies, foreign languages, and Thai language by the end of the month.

One of the attending teachers said “During my six years of teaching I have been telling my students to ask more questions and help them answer them. I believe this workshop is a good chance that we can develop and work together on new ways of learning.” Nattapong’s comment was only one of the comments that humbled us to see that teachers in Thailand are hungry to elevate the learning and understanding of young students.