August 31, 2018

Uniquizz pitched for an award at ImpacTech’s second cohort for startups

Bangkok, Thailand — Uniquizz received an award for second runner-up at ImpacTech’s second cohort demo day presentation. The award is sponsored by the National Innovation Agency to support and develop Thailand’s innovation system and competitiveness.

The demo day at Glowfish coworking space was kicked off with an opening speech from Mr. Narith Phadungchai, the co-founder and managing director of ImpacTech Thailand, on the key figures and achievements from the past sessions.

From the total of eight startups, Uniquizz was the second to present the 5-minute pitch which was followed by a Q&A session. One of the judges asked how the pricing model for educational institutions works. How can teachers get access to Uniquizz and make teaching more fun.

“The pricing model is very flexible,” Maik Fuellmann, CEO of Quizzbizz noted. “And it can be scaled up from single classrooms to even large schools and universities.”

The judges praised Uniquizz for the potential to grow and scale up fast because the platform is already developed and functional — it’s only a matter of great content to make the platform a tool used in every classroom. The winning startup of the second cohort was Homeprise, a marketplace and augmented reality solution for home decoration.

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